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May 20, 2024

#374: From Victim to Creator of Your Life with Mind Architect Peter Crone

In this episode, I welcome back Peter Crone, a writer, speaker, and thought leader in the realm of human awakening and potential. Peter and I discuss victimhood, personal responsibility, and the power of self-evolution. Peter talks about the importance of letting go, forgiveness, and reframing perspectives in relationships. He challenges the victim mentality and champions authenticity through freeing ourselves from limiting beliefs, embracing vulnerability and the transformative journey to self-discovery. Tune into this inspiring episode to invite more self-awareness in your day-to-day and to take back the reins of your life.

Latest Episode

May 9, 2024

#371: Remembering EFT Therapy Founder Dr. Sue Johnson

In this special episode, we pay tribute to the late Dr. Sue Johnson, a beloved relational teacher, therapist, author, and the pioneering innovator behind Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). Her work has been instrumental in shaping my understanding of relationships and I recently had the privilege of hosting her on the podcast. To honor Dr. Sue and her significant contributions to relationship therapy and education, we've put together some of the most impactful moments from that episode. I am profoundly grateful for Dr. Sue's work and her lasting influence. Thank you for the gift of your voice, your presence, and your loving heart in this life, Dr. Sue. You are deeply missed.

Latest Episode

Apr 29, 2024

#368: Polyvagal Path: Healing Your Nervous System & Your Life with Dr. Stephen Porges

In this episode, I had the pleasure of welcoming Dr. Stephen Porges, the originator of the Polyvagal Theory, to the podcast. Dr. Porges discusses the impact of trauma histories on our relationships and behaviors – sharing Polyvagal Theory's role in our physiological responses. We also discuss post-pandemic societal shifts, navigating the challenges of societal evaluation, the impact of social media, and ethical considerations surrounding digital interactions. Dr. Porges explores alternative modalities for self-regulation – emphasizing the importance of co-regulation, and shares somatic therapies for trauma healing. Listen in to this conversation that reminds us of the transformative power of connection for promoting healing and well-being.

Latest Episode

Apr 1, 2024

#360: Nurturing the Sensitive Soul & Grounding Through Grief w/ Dr. Laura Berman

In this episode, I welcome Dr. Laura Berman to the podcast, a world-renowned sex, love & relationship therapist and author. Dr. Berman and I dive deep about quantum love & sex, as well as parenting in the age of social media, the energetics of sensitive beings, and lessons learned from navigating grief. We also explore the topic of vibrational frequencies, the evolving dynamics of parenting, and how relationships can surface unhealed wounds. Join us for an eye-opening conversation that shares the profound transformational power of quantum love in every aspect of our lives.

Latest Episode

Mar 25, 2024

#358: The Connection Between Self-Worth & Your Physical Body w/ Aaron Alexander

In this episode, I'm joined by Aaron Alexander, a manual therapist, movement coach, podcast host, author, and creator of the Align Method. Aaron dives into the profound connection between fitness and spiritual growth – highlighting how incorporating small practices into our daily routines can greatly enhance physical and emotional well-being. We also explore the interconnectedness of nutrition, movement, self-worth, and boundary setting – emphasizing the importance of community support and self-reflection for optimal health. Aaron shares valuable insights on essential components of holistic well-being like breathing techniques, resilience building, stress management, and self-awareness. Tune in to discover how aligning your physical and spiritual practices can lead to greater vitality and deepen your relationship with yourself.

Listener Love

Passionate and raw

Mark is one of the best, he will force you to look into yourself and see yourself in a way that can only make you better. Truly wonderful. Thanks Mark!!!!

Fascinating and inspiring

Love this podcast!!! Never boring, always full of lightbulb moments!! And a great sense of humor too to keep the tough stuff light.

Expansion of the mind and self.

I find myself returning to this podcast again and again. As life has carried me through quite the journey the last few years, I find peace and understanding in the topics Mark covers and the way he approaches them. Often times I am moved to tears because I relate so deeply, or find myself simply feeling seen and understood. There is so much to learn here by simply listening.

The best relationship podcast out there

I listen to many relationship oriented podcasts and there are many great ones. Mark’s is the best because of how he picks his guests, how the topics are relatable on so many levels, and how encouraging and inspiring he is. ❤️

Authentic alignment

Mark Groves says it perfectly every time, he is impeccable in the way he uses words to reach the deepest parts of your true self and does not hold back, always refreshing and empowering listening to him speak as well as with his guests. I will always recommend!

Highly recommend

I absolutely love listening to everything Mark has to say! Just listen. It will change your life in many ways. It really has done that for me.

Therapist approved!

I have a love for learning (for human behavior) and admittedly could qualify for podcast addiction! I’ve listened to many of Mark Groves Podcasts and as a therapist myself, I can tell you the information is correct. Unfortunately, I’ve listened to other podcasts where the advice suggested could have unintended consequences if that person is not prepared to utilize that advice. On another note, he scores many guests that are at the top of their field. As Mark talks, I hear him correct himself and do the work in real-time. He has the most important attributes of human growth-radical accountability and radical compassion. And was gifted with a “radio-voice” that is easy to pay attention to.


Deep, authentic & actionable

Mark shares his wisdom with candor, humility and authenticity. He has a way of inviting the listener to deepen their own thoughts— to grow into a more vibrant lived experience with themselves and others. Mark brings forward conversations with some of the worlds most thought provoking and brilliant thinkers, creators, and scientists. I feel lucky to have Mark’s extensive podcast catalog available any time I need support or another approach to life’s journey.

Love love love

Mark groves podcast has truly changed my life and how I see the world. His words and the guests that he brings on his podcast are true inspiration to personal growth. ❤️


What a delight it is to listen to this podcast. I am in total admiration for the full spectrum discussions and enlivening conversations taking place here. Mark, thank you for sharing your truth and heart with us and all your guests for their brave and wondrous expertise on such potent areas of important and life changing topics. Keep the good energy flowing and thank you from the depth of my being. Rock on 🤙🏽