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Mar 4, 2024

#353: How to Optimize Your Life with Neuroscience Professor & Elite Performance Coach

In this episode, I welcome Dr. Mark Guadagnoli, Teacher, Author, Elite Performer Coach, and Neuroscience Professor. Dr. Guadagnoli shares his expertise in optimizing performance, discusses leveraging situations for growth, and emphasizes taking control of your life in order to thrive. He shares the wisdom of the Challenge Point Framework and finding the right stress level for learning and growth. We explore how adverse childhood experiences' impact resilience and what trauma's role is in growth. Dr. Guadagnoli emphasizes the importance of taking control of our experiences, reframing traumas, recognizing the significance of arousal states in learning, and prioritizing growth over ego in relationships. Tune in to this episode to discover how personal development through challenge can be a pivotal factor for both individual and collective advancement.

Latest Episode

Aug 7, 2023

Creating a Self-Loving and Liberated Life with Sarah Sapora

Today I welcome Sarah Sapora to the show! Sarah is a writer, inspirational speaker, social media community leader, and the creator of size-inclusive live events and retreats. Sarah uses her voice to make personal growth accessible to plus-size women over 40. Leading with radical vulnerability, heart, and colorful humor, Sarah has helped hundreds of thousands of women learn to navigate the sticky place between self-acceptance and self-improvement. Sarah shares about her messy journey to self-love, which she defines “any thought you think or action you take that gets you closer to your Ultimate You.” She talks about how she had to forgive herself for past behaviors and choices, let go of shame and self-judgment, and really look at her own sh*t in the eye to get brave enough to hold herself accountable to change. In her new book Soul Archeology, she shares a practical map of how to get un-stuck and stop self-abandoning so you can get closer to the real you—one small change at a time.

Latest Episode

May 29, 2023

Wake Up to Your Best Life with Hal Elrod

Today I’m welcoming Hal Eldrod to the podcast! Hal is on a mission to elevate the consciousness of humanity, one morning at a time. He teaches about The Miracle Morning – his powerful method to transform your life by simply changing how you start your day. Tune in to to hear all about Hal’s proven successful morning routine, how he used it to get out of depression and change his life, and how you can jump on the Miracle Morning train to change your life starting tomorrow morning!

Latest Episode

Apr 24, 2023

The Ultimate Comeback: Rebuilding Life After Addiction with Donny Starkins

Join me for a powerful conversation with Donny about his battle with addiction, his comeback journey, and how he uses his experiences to inspire others to live their lives to the fullest. So much more than just an inspiring story about addiction and recovery—you'll be surprised at how many gems of wisdom are in here that you can apply to so many areas of your life!

Latest Episode

Apr 6, 2023

Finding Your Voice and Living Your Truth with Christine Chang

Tune in to hear Christine share her experiences growing up as an Asian American and how she handles comments about her interracial marriage, how she has navigated healing from generational trauma and finding her voice, and the importance of listening to your soul’s desires to figure out how you want to show up in this world. As an entrepreneur having explored different paths (professional photographer, dating mentor, and branding specialist to name a few!), Christine drops her tips for branding and rebranding without relying on social media.

Listener Love

Passionate and raw

Mark is one of the best, he will force you to look into yourself and see yourself in a way that can only make you better. Truly wonderful. Thanks Mark!!!!

Fascinating and inspiring

Love this podcast!!! Never boring, always full of lightbulb moments!! And a great sense of humor too to keep the tough stuff light.

Expansion of the mind and self.

I find myself returning to this podcast again and again. As life has carried me through quite the journey the last few years, I find peace and understanding in the topics Mark covers and the way he approaches them. Often times I am moved to tears because I relate so deeply, or find myself simply feeling seen and understood. There is so much to learn here by simply listening.

The best relationship podcast out there

I listen to many relationship oriented podcasts and there are many great ones. Mark’s is the best because of how he picks his guests, how the topics are relatable on so many levels, and how encouraging and inspiring he is. ❤️

Authentic alignment

Mark Groves says it perfectly every time, he is impeccable in the way he uses words to reach the deepest parts of your true self and does not hold back, always refreshing and empowering listening to him speak as well as with his guests. I will always recommend!

Highly recommend

I absolutely love listening to everything Mark has to say! Just listen. It will change your life in many ways. It really has done that for me.

Therapist approved!

I have a love for learning (for human behavior) and admittedly could qualify for podcast addiction! I’ve listened to many of Mark Groves Podcasts and as a therapist myself, I can tell you the information is correct. Unfortunately, I’ve listened to other podcasts where the advice suggested could have unintended consequences if that person is not prepared to utilize that advice. On another note, he scores many guests that are at the top of their field. As Mark talks, I hear him correct himself and do the work in real-time. He has the most important attributes of human growth-radical accountability and radical compassion. And was gifted with a “radio-voice” that is easy to pay attention to.


Deep, authentic & actionable

Mark shares his wisdom with candor, humility and authenticity. He has a way of inviting the listener to deepen their own thoughts— to grow into a more vibrant lived experience with themselves and others. Mark brings forward conversations with some of the worlds most thought provoking and brilliant thinkers, creators, and scientists. I feel lucky to have Mark’s extensive podcast catalog available any time I need support or another approach to life’s journey.

Love love love

Mark groves podcast has truly changed my life and how I see the world. His words and the guests that he brings on his podcast are true inspiration to personal growth. ❤️


What a delight it is to listen to this podcast. I am in total admiration for the full spectrum discussions and enlivening conversations taking place here. Mark, thank you for sharing your truth and heart with us and all your guests for their brave and wondrous expertise on such potent areas of important and life changing topics. Keep the good energy flowing and thank you from the depth of my being. Rock on 🤙🏽