I've joined forces with brands I know and love to bring you the best of the best (and discounts!) on products and services from conscious, unique, love-based, quality-driven companies.


Health & Wellbeing


High-quality plant-based supplements boasting the healing power of superfoods.

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Cured Nutrition

Curated blends of cannabinoids, mushrooms, and adaptogens to stress less and live more.

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Dr. Zach Buch's innovative supplements focused on restoring gut health and microbiome.

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Electrolyte drink mixes with all natural ingredients. No fillers, sugar, or gluten.

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Cutting edge products that improve energy levels, focus, physical stamina & overall health.

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Track your blood sugar and body’s responses and functions with a Constant Glucose Monitor.

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Experience live and on-demand meditation, breathwork and movement classes.

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Anima Mundi

An apothecary of wholesome, organic, wildcrafted, and ethically grown botanicals and medicines.

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Manna vitality

Manna combines shilajit and ancient marine minerals for a powerfully energizing supplement.

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Primally pure

High-quality, non-toxic skin care that you and your whole family can love and use with confidence.

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hatch restore 2

Sleep the way nature intended with a gentle sunrise alarm and soothing sleep sounds.



A conscious dating app that actually wants to be deleted. Sign up today and state your intentions!

spike support

The Wellness Company offers quality Spike Protein Support to help keep you and your loved ones safe.

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High-quality phone cases to protect you from harmful 5G, RF, EMF, ELF radiation emitted from your devices.

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Delicious botanical sparkling waters, adaptogenic CBD sparkling waters, and more – with no BS ingredients.

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mindful meds

Mindful microdosing with high-quality supplements to improve mental health, clarity, and performance.

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Fresh, chef-crafted, no BS meals, designed by dieticians, delivered straight to your door.

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bon charge

Science backed wellness products — like Infrared Sauna Blankets and Red Light Therapy Face Masks.

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Eversio Wellness

Premium Mushroom Supplements Made From High Potency Medicinal Mushroom Extracts.

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Vibrational Healing - ridding EMFs and harmonizing virtually any place. Feel better. Live better.

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Helping people reclaim vibrant health through providing food products that prioritize nutrient density.

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Lifestyle & Apparel

Cozy earth

High quality linens and apparel made with responsibly and sustainably sourced materials from the earth.

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ra optics

Premium blue-light blocking glasses for a relaxed mind, lifted mood and better sleep. Mark’s favourite!

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Premium quality performance apparel inspired by an active Coastal California lifestyle.

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Programs & Courses

Institute for integrative nutrition

The world’s most respected nutrition and health coaching school.

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Breathe program by josh trent

Powerful breathing practices to boost immunity, release physical & emotional weight, and gain energy.

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Soulful sales co by dan harrison

For experts, practitioners, coaches and wellness professionals to increase their cashflow.

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Heart centered leadership with danielle

For coaches, counsellors, team builders, teachers, wellness professionals to support for your work in the world. 

Heart centered membership with danielle

A community of seeking humans who want to create change through self-awareness and service, cleanse, relate, and heal.

Romantic relationship reset with nick solaczek

A course for couples designed to deepen your connection and build a brighter future in just 6 weeks.

coach training with jayson gaddis

For anyone who wants to help others and deepen meaning and fulfillment in their life.

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