Step into the most authentic version of yourself, break through blockages and dismantle the inherited patterns holding you back.

Dating 101

Liberate your relationships

Learn all about how and why you show up to relationships the way you do, how to build epic relationships from the ground-up, and how to keep the fire burning long and strong! Jam packed with Mark’s best content focusing on relational wellbeing - our most popular course! Not your typical dating course—great for humans in relationships too!

Who's dating 101 for?

Anyone who wants to have amazing relationships. Great as a starter course. For anyone single, dating, or in a relationship. 

+ Dating guidance

+ Understanding your past/relational Makeup

+ Relationship guidance

+ Breaking relational patterns

+ Personal growth

+ Understanding your patterns

+ Building positive habits

+ Discovering sense of self

Rediscover your Wholeness

Liberate yourself

Learn what made you who you are today, why you show up to life the way you do, how to break out of old patterns, crush your fears, and honour your truth. Step into full alignment with your integrity, figure out what it is you really want, and how to feel “complete” without needing another. This course contains Mark’s personal journey of rediscovering his wholeness and what helped him grow into the Leader, Teacher, and Liberation Guide that he is today. Jam packed with Mark’s best content focusing on personal growth - one of our most loved courses!

Who's Rediscover your wholeness for?

Anyone who is seeking to level up their personal growth. Focused on understanding yourself better so you can heal what needs to be cleared out in order to be your best self and to have better relationships with others. Also perfect for anyone who just went through a breakup or completed our Breakup Recovery Recipe Course and feels like they need “find their soul again.” 

Breakup Recovery Recipe

Liberate your past

Learn how to effectively heal your heartbreak, take your power back, and use the pain from your breakup to transform your life. This is Mark’s personal recipe on how to go from heartbreak, to healing, to thriving.

Who's Breakup Recovery recipe for?

Humans who are feeling hurt, lost, betrayed, bewildered, and frozen after a breakup, and need help healing and moving forward with their lives. For anyone struggling - no matter how long it’s been post breakup.

+ Breakups and Divorce

+ Heartbreak

+ Betrayal

+ Reclaming yourself

+ Conscious uncoupling

+ Boundaries

+ Integrity in relationship to self

+ integrity in relationship to other (including people, work, social media, technology etc)

Become a Boundaries Badass

Liberate your boundaries

Learn all about boundaries, why you don’t have any, and how to make (and keep!) them. Boundaries are all about honouring yourself and this course will help you heal and empower your expansion. SCRIPTS INCLUDED!

Who's Become a Boundaries badass for?

Anyone who has trouble making and keeping boundaries and wants to learn why we don’t have them in the first place, how to make them, and how to keep and honour them. A great course to take at any point along your journey of expansion into your authentic self.

Relationship to Money

Liberate your wealth/abundance

Learn to heal your relationship with money, activate your wealth, and clear your debts and blocks! So much more than just about money - you will develop an awareness of old patterns that keep you feeling small, stuck, and reactionary, how to unblock them, and how to step into your full worthiness and the wealth you deserve. 

Who's Relationship to money for?

Anyone who wants to work on their relationship with money and inherited money patterns. Anyone who feels stuck in all areas of their life.

+ Healing your money story

+ Wealth and abundance

+ Worthiness

+ Discovering inherited patterns

+ Breaking through blocks

+ Self-expansion

In collaboration with terri cole

Crushing Codependency

Liberate your CODEPENDENCY

Learn how to break free from codependent behaviors including over-functioning, over-delivering, people-pleasing, and ignoring your own needs so you can finally live the life you deserve.

Who's it for?

Anyone who wants to work on their codependent patterns and stop being a door-mat.

Crushing Communication Workshop

Liberate your communication

Transform the way you communicate in all areas of your life, gain greater confidence in asking for what you want and need, handle difficult conversations better, and decode BS faster. The perfect follow-up to Crushing Codependency.

Who's it for?

Anyone who wants to level up their communication, conversation, and listening skills.

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What they're saying:

Way more than just a dating course.

Dating 101 

This course helped me uncover hidden blocks and step into my fullest potential.

Rediscover your wholeness

When I started, I was in great pain and still had hope for reconciliation, but by the end of the course, I understood where I had forgotten myself and how I had not shown up for myself.

Breakup recovery recipe

This course helped me realize how many porous boundaries I had in my past relationships.

Become a boundaries badass







Breakup Recovery Recipe

"This course has allowed me to become so much more knowledgeable about myself when both in and out of a relationship."

Week 1, I was in great pain and still had hope for reconciliation. Then I realised how he was not meeting my needs. By Week 4, I understood where I had forgotten myself in the relationship and how I had not shown up for myself. And I know better now. I have boundaries now that prevent me from falling into the same pattern. My plan now is to complete Mark's Become A Boundary Badass course to further my awakening. 

Breakup Recovery Recipe

"My love and dating life expectations have evolved, become healthier, and the work I've done in these courses has positively impacted my friendships and family dynamics."

I am no stranger to Mark Groves' courses, and the Break Up Recovery Recipe has been as impactful as Dating 101, for different reasons. I feel expanded, challenged, and supported whenever I lean in and complete the coursework. There hasn't been an area of life where I've not experienced healing and growth, thanks to the levelling up of awareness I've gained from doing the work. Highly recommend for anyone that can sense the patterns and habits they repeat are no longer serving them.

Dating 101

"Mark's Dating 101 course changed my life in ways I never thought possible!"

It's way beyond what I expected and not just about how to date. Mark dives deep into subjects beyond dating to help you understand why we make the choices we make and how we can start making better choices. I'm so excited to take what I've learned in Mark's course and start applying it to my new outlook on dating! You will not regret taking this course, it is life changing!

Dating 101

"Not only do I feel good about dating, but I also have never felt so confident in how to make positive and measurable change in my life outside of dating."

When I started this class, I just wanted to learn how to make dating fun and less draining. I got so much more than I bargained for! 

Rediscover Your Wholeness

"I feel at home in my heart and my decisions, something I lacked for some time."

This course is truly life-changing, it's been the best thing I've done for myself in 2022 and I'm sure I'll revisit, or redo this in the fall. It's an excellent way to revisit yourself and remember your power, confidence, and rewrite your future.

Rediscover Your Wholeness

"This program was a beautiful invitation to uncover some of the hidden places that keep us removed from stepping into our full potential."

Thank you Mark! I have done personal development work in the past but I had several a-ha moments come through for me during this course that were profound. I am so grateful for the work you are doing and the wisdom that it allowed me to unlock within myself.

Become a Boundaries Badass

"Let me tell you, this course was the best course I've ever done in my life. It helped me process a lot of my emotions around the breakup, while simultaneously understanding how I had so many porous boundaries which contributed to the ending of that relationship. "

It helped me better understand how to create healthy boundaries within myself in all areas of my life and I already started implementing them. This course honestly already changed my life! So grateful for you Mark and your work! Already got a friend to get the course too.

Become a Boundaries Badass

"This course is both healing and, really"

It helped me reconnect to the best parts of myself (and protect those through boundaries), while learning that self-love and love of others are both optimized through the creation of healthy boundaries.

Relationship to Money

"Thanks for presenting a tough subject in such a comprehensive and learnable format."

Like all of Mark’s programs, Relationship To Money is great. And the combo of Mark and Selina’s superpowers combined is pretty amazing. I never associated intuition with money, but I do now.

Relationship to Money

"I truly appreciate all the words of wisdom you shared and the nuggets of brilliance that you imparted on us. I feel like I've come home to myself. "

This course and journey have been eye-opening and heart centering for me. It was so challenging yet enriching—I am feeling much more like myself and awakening parts of me that I have been too scared to reveal for some time.  I feel like I can own who I am, what I want and set the appropriate boundaries in order to feel successful. The knot in my stomach has dissipated and I am full of energy, life force and wonder as I step into my truth. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU BOTH.

Benefits you'll get:

Liberation in all areas of your life.

Step into your most authentic version of yourself.

Break through blockages and dismantle inherited patterns that hold you back.

Learn new ways to communicate, relate, honour yourself, and be a guiding example for others.

Learn to be comfortable in speaking your truth, following your intuition, and being original instead of following the grain.

Do you...


Feel stuck and unable to move forward in healing, expansion, creating relationships with others/the world that serve you or satisfy your needs because you don't know how/you were never taught how.


Not truly understand yourself, your values, your needs, your emotions, or what your truth is.


Feel stuck in anxiety and fear -- i.e. layers of societal conditioning, inherited family patterns and behaviours, your inner critic, and fear of opposing the current social norms.

Let us help you...


By revealing what your blockages are, helping you delve deep into your psyche to uncover hidden woundings from events you've experience, usually during childhood, but from any relationships/areas of live in general.


Work through changing these wounds into wisdom and empowering you to change the way you see your story/past, feeling like a weight has been removed, and start fresh again with a renewed sense of clarity and direction in order to create the life you want/that truly honours you.


See a different view of the world that you never had before that empowers you to not only shed the past that holds you back, but creates a springboard for you to become masters of your own talents and crafts.

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