My message?

Choose connection.
Take responsibility for you.
In doing that, you become so damn powerful.

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thing straight

I’m not here to tell you what to do. I believe whole-heartedly that we’re all the authorities of our own lives, and my work is centered around empowering people to step into their power. Change ourselves, change the world.

How we connect to others will be the single greatest predictor of success in every facet of our lives. Get your audience inspired and empowered to create the lives and love they deserve with my speeches on the topics of relationship mastery, stepping into full potential, using work as a vehicle for evolution and expansion, and more.

I bring 20+ years of experience in sales, teamwork and leadership, brand launches and positive psychology to my work (not to mention just a few years of navigating life and love). NSFW jokes, guaranteed.

Hot Topics

  • Become a boundaries badass
  • Get what you want in life and love
  • The 5 relationship myths
  • Why we choose what we choose
  • Are you connected to your truth?
  • Is the world ready for emotional men?
  • Essential skills for relationship mastery
  • The science of high-performing leaders
  • How to embrace change and step into your full potential

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