What I do

What I do?

All. The. Things.
Explorer of connection and communication.
Onstage, online and on the air.


Untangle your headphones and tune in with me to unravel the truth. I’m talking relationships, connection and communication with some of the pals and mentors I admire most. Got an idea for a great guest? Shoot – I’m all ears.


Live Events & Retreats

Experience one of my expert-packed live events where you’ll be surrounded by a like-minded, like-hearted crew. Or, join me for a totally immersive, multi-day adventure in an inspired environment. It’s time to get real and have a real good time (seriously, bring your best moves – we boogie-down).

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Keynote Speaking

Get your audience inspired and empowered to create the lives and love they deserve. I bring 20+ years of experience in sales, teamwork and leadership, brand launches and positive psychology to my work (not to mention just a few years of navigating life and love). NSFW jokes, guaranteed.


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Social Media

Add some soul to your scroll with my Instagram and Youtube Channel. You’ll find inspiration and quotes that get you (finally!),  videos on the topics I’m asked most about, and access to my latest content, collaboration and happenings.




Create The Love

Wanna find out how to love yourself? Are you ready to show up, dig deep and do the work? Create the life + love you’ve always craved through my online courses, powerful content, and other incredible teachers just waiting for you to say “hell yes.”

Create The Love



Want to  deepen your relational knowledge? Are you still hung up on your ex? Are you ready to break old relationship patterns and finally step into a new, whole version of you? We’ve got a course for that. 

You in?
Let’s do this.

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