November 23, 2023

#327: Why Humans Fear Commitment

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Today, I’m coming at you with a solo episode, and I’m gonna dive deep into the subject of commitment. Not just commitment in the sense of committed romantic relationships, but the fear of commitment. And not just the fear of commitment from other people, like being in relationship with people who are afraid of commitment… but also ourselves and our fear of commitment and where this comes from.

We’re gonna focus on a story I’m gonna share about my own life that looks at how fear of commitment can be pathologized, but also looking at taking this subject and extrapolating it to every area of your life. Your fear to commit to a dream, to a possibility, to a relationship, to your purpose, to a goal. All of these are the exact same process, actually. And that’s why I think being able to understand what lives at the basis of our fears of commitment can allow us to become more committed people, more disciplined, and more discerning. It can allow us to move forward and create things we never thought were possible but always desired.

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