Nov 16, 2023

#325: Discipline and Self-Direction

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Authenticity, Beliefs, Body Image, Change, Discernment, Discipline, Emotions, Healing, Healthy Lifestyle, Insecurities, integration, Integrity, Liberation, Personal Growth, Purpose, Shame, Societal Standards, stepping into our fullest potential, Transformation


In this episode, I reflect on my personal journey with body image and weight fluctuation, the wounding and repeating patterns I found that had me stuck there, and my recent transformation of “Reverse Dad Bod.” I share how I tapped into a new level of discipline and discernment in hopes that my story might inspire you to move towards what your soul might be asking of you, regardless if it’s with body image and weight or something else. We have limited time here on Earth… let today be the day when everything changes.


0:00:00 Introduction and the concept of “Operation Reverse Dad Bod”

0:01:10 Battling weight fluctuations and the desire for a healthy weight

0:04:50 A Moment of Self-Recognition

0:07:02 The complexity of body image and societal expectations

0:09:00 Shifting perspectives and choosing a healthier relationship with food

0:12:36 Embodying change and personal growth

0:14:06 Finding motivation to transform through confronting our own limitations

0:16:25 Commitments, Integrity, and Teaching Through Example

0:17:05 Reflecting on past choices and newfound motivation

0:18:09 The transformative power of discipline and time appreciation

0:20:29 Living Life with Purpose and Legacy


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