Apr 15, 2019

Amy Young – How To Say Goodbye To Unavailable People, Forever

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Communication, Dating, Realtionship, Self-Worth, Unavailability


This week we have Mark and Amy Young yelling about all things emotional unavailability! Every person has either been caught, is currently caught or will one day be caught in the spell that unavailable people cast over us. We explore why we get caught in the ‘spell’ of unavailable people. How Mark and Amy have both been caught themselves, and how can get unstuck from thinking you’ve found ‘love’ when in reality all you’ve found is pain and suffering. This week is the slap in the face you’ve been waiting for, do not miss it.



  • ‘Bottom feeder bro’ behaviour, why do we want the men who don’t want us?
  • When the body codes drama as chemistry – breaking the spell of choosing someone who is not choosing you.
  • When people are lying to you in dating.
  • Amy’s personal story of the ‘bottom feeder bro’ – how she was going to ‘fix’ the ‘one’.
  • Codependent no more – why Amy read it – why you should too.
  • How you can break the spell.
  • The 5 love languages – what when we have toxic love languages?
  • Why we make excuses for other people.
  • Don’t be afraid to have the hard conversations!
  • When to communicate the issue or self-soothe?
  • What energy are you bringing to dating – to Tinder?
  • Are you ‘picky’, or not picky enough?
  • Are there enough men? What’s going on with men and their emotions?