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Jan 5, 2021

Mark & Kylie – Let It Burn Pt. 1

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Breakups, Commitment, Divorce, Identity, Relationship


This week I share the much anticipated conversation with my partner Kylie on our breakup.

We dive into our relationship ending, what lead our old container to rupture and the expansion that occurred, bringing us to where we are now.

Both Ky and I explore the struggles we were facing, the masks, messages and wounds we had internalized, and the extensive healing that was necessary for us to reconcile.

This episode is part 1 of an emotional conversation that explores so many crucial topics that contribute to our worth, how to honour ourselves and reclaim our power – both individually, and within relationship.


  • What we fear in commitment, marriage, and divorce
  • Unconscious narratives in life and relationships
  • What does it mean to hold people in the moment?
  • The land of witnessing
  • Can relationships end with love and grace?
  • Why repairing and clearing the hurt is so important when a relationship ends
  • Self-abandonment, security, and safety
  • If you have to stay broken to stay, you have to go.
  • You can’t ignore one part of your life and keep your eyes open to another
  • Grief demands to be felt
  • Our relationship to body, beauty, aging and validation