13th November 2023
#324: How to Somatically Rewire Your Past to Create Secure Attachment with Sarah Baldwin

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Today I welcome back Sarah Baldwin for the third time – Sarah’s last two podcasts have the most downloads out of any of my episodes! Sarah is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and expert in the field of trauma resolution. She’s a member of the world-renowned Polyvagal Theory training team and has trained clinicians around the world in nervous system interventions. 

In this episode, Sarah explains how we can use our nervous systems to rewire our past experiences to create secure attachment, deepen intimacy, and ultimately have better relationships. She brings light to the core needs resulting from our childhood experiences that drive our adult behaviors, and how understanding the connection can help us identify the root causes of ruptures in our relationships. She also guides us through somatic regulation techniques to foster more genuine connections, gently expand our comfort zones, and finally heal the traumas of our past so we can be the best version of ourselves today. Nervous system regulation is some of the most important work we can do, so dive right in to learn more!


0:00:00 Intro

0:08:34 The Importance of Feeling Safe in Our Nervous System

0:13:02 Unconscious attraction resulting from childhood experiences

0:14:00 Disconfirming Experiences

0:18:42 Internal Co-regulation: Changing Autonomic Tones for Self-Healing

0:21:41 How to help others regulate without becoming dysregulated

0:27:33 Meeting our own needs and creating internal secure attachment

0:31:01 Nervous System Responses in Relational Dynamics

0:38:35 Avoidant attachment and the human need for connection

0:42:12 The struggle of avoidance and the desire for connection

0:45:18 Building capacity for good things in life and overcoming overwhelm

0:48:25 Shifting from posturing to desiring genuine connection

0:52:08 Taking tolerable steps towards connection and expanding comfort zone

0:56:08 The Power of Relationships in Motivating Change

1:00:47 The Nervous System and the Impact of Media and Propaganda

1:05:10 The Impact of Nervous System Healing on Relationships

1:08:37 Nervous System Regulation in Every System for a Better World


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