Aug 1, 2022

Be Authentic — It’s Good For Your Health with Dr. Christian Gonzalez

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Authenticity, Emotions, Healing, Health, Holistic Health, Mental Health, Self-Expression


I often talk about the deep impact both our relationships and emotional health have on our physical health, so this week I’m thrilled to be diving deeper into the subject with the one and only Dr. Christian Gonzalez. Join us for a beautiful conversation about why authentic self-expression and releasing suppressed emotions is so important for the health of your body, mind and spirit.

Dr. G took an interest in many fields of medicine, but it wasn’t until his mother passed of cancer that he decided to shift his focus to oncology. There he found a passion for helping people optimize their health by preventing chronic disease and he soon realized that cancer was not simply nutritional or exercise-based, it was much more than that.

As he studied this concept more, Dr. G became passionate about environmental medicine as well as the mind, body, and spirit connection. Everything is connected, from the foods we eat to the way we think and interact with the world and the people in our lives. These seemingly small factors all play a large part when it comes to our health and longevity. Because of this, Dr. G has shifted from working with patients to focusing his energy on mass education. He is the host of the excellent Heal Thy Self podcast, which focuses on giving people the tools they need to truly heal from the inside out and highlights some of the top medical professionals in the industry.


  • How the relationships we have with our home, the environment, and the people in our lives all play a role in the development of chronic disease
  • The deep impact your emotional health has on your physical health
  • Why authentic self-expression is so important
  • The pathway to healing suppressed emotions and unhooking from unhelpful protective mechanisms


00:00 Intro

02:26 How Dr. G got started in the medical field

06:15 Pivoting into Naturopathic Medicine

11:06 Healing from suppressed emotions and trauma

17:34 The cost of resisting your true emotions

25:15 Letting yourself feel “negative” & “unlovable” emotions

32:06 The role of nutrition and supplementation

37:04 Authentic self expression can protect you from toxic environments