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May 4, 2020

Can You Hold Space? Special Episode

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Authenticity, Community, Connection, Covid, Harmony, Listening, Mental Health


This episode is especially vulnerable for me. I recognize that we are all coping with an incredibly difficult time in different ways right now. There is so much fear, uncertainty and distress that makes compassion and connection so much more difficult. Today I ask if you can hold space too? Holding space does not mean we must agree or arrive at a consensus, it means we still have compassion even when we feel differently than one another. So I ask not how are we different, but how we are similar?


  • When you’re open to the way you see the world, you’re free
  • Can you hold space for other people’s beliefs?
  • What if you just stayed open?
  • Why we should agree to the right to see things differently
  • How to create harmony within yourself during challenging times
  • What life is here to teach us