Jun 23, 2022

Creating Inner Peace in a Chaotic World with Kaylor Betts

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Belonging, Inner Peace, Mental Health, Purpose, Self-Expression


Today I’m joined by my friend and the host of The Mental Wealth Podcast, Kaylor Betts. In this episode, Kaylor shares what it means to be both mentally healthy and wealthy, and how to cultivate inner peace in an increasingly chaotic world. 

Kaylor Betts is a rising star in the mental health space; with a growing following and a hard hitting, buzzworthy podcast, The Mental Wealth Podcast. Kaylor is a contrarian and holds no punches when speaking out against mainstream opinion. He faced his mental health head-on, tackled his long history with anxiety and depression and has since taken a deep dive into studying human optimization to create a brand around what he calls ‘Mental Wealth’. Working with clients around the world, he is relentless in his passion to change lives and help us all understand how to live life beyond what we thought was possible.


  • What mental wealth is and how to create it
  • Creating purpose in your life vs. discovering your purpose
  • What to do when self-expression threatens belonging
  • Getting comfortable with facing the uncomfortable


00:00 Intro

00:40 Having mental wealth

03:07 Discovering purpose

08:58 Belonging and being accepted

12:53 Handling hate and having inner peace

15:49 Beliefs you had as a kid affect you as an adult

19:17 Allowing people to accept a new version of you

27:26 Importance of humility

30:11 Becoming mentally healthy and wealthy

36:24 Living consciously 

42:13 Be the observer of your thoughts

44:20 Dealing with procrastination

48:12 Danger vs. fear