Sep 7, 2023

How Decluttering Can Transform Your Life with Megan Golightly

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Decluttering, Hoarding, Letting Go, Memory, Mental Health, Minimalism, Nostalgia, Organizing, Psychology, Sentiment, Transformation


Why is it hard to let go? Sometimes the stuff we hold onto, even the little things, become like old friends, reminding us of moments and stories we’ve lived. So, how do we actually go about getting rid of these things?

Today I spoke with Megan Golightly, the founder of Simplified, and she helped us answer these questions.  As one of the most popular organizing and decluttering specialists in North America, Megan is best known for weaving her psychology background and interest in neuroscience into her passion for organization. She promotes the importance of mental health and positive change and partners with brands and publishers to create unique, authentic campaigns that reach thousands of people.

Life is easier when you have less. In this episode, Megan breaks down how we can gracefully let go of even those items we’re strangely attached to, and embrace the lighter, clutter-free lifestyle through smart decluttering and organization. She also dives into strategies for sharing your decluttering journey with others and highlights how creating space in your surroundings can invite new people into your life.


  • The psychology of letting go, and why is it hard for us to let go of stuff that we’re attached to
  • The cost and weight of hoarding things – how it will negatively impact our life
  • Why and how you can start decluttering – what are the questions you can ask yourself as you let go of your stuff

00:00 Intro

01:05 The psychology of letting go

05:24 Where to begin in decluttering

08:33 “You cannot organize until you’ve decluttered…”

11:11 Cleaning hoarder’s homes

14:24 Managing clutter using systems

19:04 How a tidy space lightens your life

23:20 Letting go of your ex’s stuff

25:25 Why do we hold on to things?

29:10 Duration, path, outcome

30:49 It feels good to let go

34:09 Having different organizing styles

35:54 Parents dumping things on their kids

37:03 Learn to say no

38:59 Memory over physical things

42:37 Sentiment and guilt 

47:27 Decluttering space for love