Aug 31, 2023

How to Stop Living a Lie with Leah Brathwaite

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Alignment, Authenticity, Awakening, Belonging, Identity, Intuition, Purpose, Religion, Ritual, Self-Love, Self-Worth, Spirituality, Transformation, Truth


Today I welcome a good friend and returning guest, Leah Brathwaite! Leah is an author, Soul Advisor, Kundalini instructor and Human Design guide. She’s the founder of Live Free Lifestyle Inc, a personal and spiritual development and lifestyle brand that helps high achievers connect with and live in their full potential and purpose. After emancipating from nearly three decades of repressive religious indoctrination, navigating disability, depression and divorce and starting her life over from scratch at 30, Leah has learned valuable tools, lessons and practices to heal, get unstuck and create a life of freedom, fulfillment and joy. She teaches her transformative methods and perspectives through her writing, courses and consulting. Combining spirituality, practical psychology and metaphysics in her work, she creates unique opportunities for others to tap into the deepest truth of their souls and find their own answers to life’s big questions.

In this episode, Leah shares her story of profound spiritual awakening, including the transformative impact of Kundalini yoga on her life. Leah also speaks to the interconnectedness of our experiences as a whole—good and bad—and how we all go through cycles of forgetting who we are so that we can remember again and start on the next level of expansion. If you’re feeling stuck and not sure where to start, this episode is for you!


  • Leah’s transformational journey from feeling lost and inauthentic to rediscovering her true self and purpose
  • The importance of cleansing our minds with meditation, journaling, and breathwork
  • What we can do to avoid daily anxiety and step into greater alignment with our true selves

00:00 Intro 

01:00 Leah’s awakening moment

06:33 From resistance to acceptance 

11:19 Breaking free from religious restrictions

24:20 Coming back from forgetting

35:10 Kundalini awakening

37:30 The power of spiritual teachings and guidance

42:30 Take ownership of your suffering

52:13 Daily practices to help you step into greater alignment with your true self