May 26, 2022

Hug Your Inner Child with Violet Benson

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Attachment Theory, Dating, Relationships, Self-Worth


So excited to have Violet Benson, aka the Meme Queen, on the show today! Violet hosts the incredibly popular podcast, Almost Adulting (previously known as Too Tired To Be Crazy) and is most known for her viral brand, Daddy Issues, which has caught the attention of many celebs and over 5 million followers over the years.

The Almost Adulting podcast is one of today’s most popular mental health podcasts, using humour and heartfelt advice to prompt candid conversations about mental health and wellness. It features public figures peeling back their personas to divulge their “inner demons,” and I myself had the pleasure of being on the show recently. I enjoyed our conversation so much that I knew I had to have Violet on the podcast, so here we are!


  • How a toxic workplace inspired Violet to create her viral page, @daddyissues
  • How Violet transformed her relationship with her father
  • How we deal with haters and rude comments as public figures
  • Our thoughts on shows like Love is Blind and the Bachelor
  • Violet’s attachment style and her personal dating struggles