Jul 14, 2019

Samantha Skelly – Meeting Our Pain With Love

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Breathwork, Connection, Meditation, Pain, Self-Compassion, Self-Love


Sam Skelly is a dear friend of mine that has truly changed lives with her work on loving ourselves, loving our bodies and using breathwork to meet our pain with love. Whatever pain you might be experiencing in your life and whether you know the root cause of your pain or not, Sam walks you through how to meet pain with love. Sam specializes in loving our bodies and our relationship with food, but also with using breathwork as the bridge to meeting our pain. When we meet our pain with love, finally the pain can transform. Sam walks us through a practical example of how to use breathwork in everyday life. If you think that the idea of breathwork isn’t for you, then this episode is most definitely for you!


  • The link between the body and emotions.
  • Childhood messaging around bodies and eating.
  • The game of life if the ultimate goal of happiness.
  • Meeting pain with love.
  • Meditation and breath work.
  • Breathwork with Pause, how we stop ‘doing’ and learn to just be, why are we addicted to our phones?
  • 20 second breathwork example.
  • Breathwork as a metaphor for life.
  • Pain that is preverbal, how breathwork sessions can give rise to intergenerational pain.