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Nov 9, 2023

#323: Sourcing Emotional and Physical Needs

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Alignment, Attracted to Unavailability, Authenticity, Awareness, Boundaries, Childhood Related Patterns, Connection, Dating, Healing, Integrity, Intimacy, Making Different Choices, Relationships, Repeating Patterns, Self-Awareness, Self-Worth, Truth, Unavailability


In this solo episode, I break down the behavioural patterns of minimizing our needs in relationship, which often stem from childhood experiences (you saw that one coming, right?!). It’s so important to honour our own needs and not settle for less. So let’s cut the BS! Claim who you are, what you want, and what you’re going to create with your life. Be available to availability, set boundaries, tell the truth and clean up agreements. Hear your own voice and claim what you desire – free from needing the other person to change – then YOU are free to change and choose the life, love, and experience you want! To have the great love and great relationship you want – you MUST move forward telling the truth, creating NEW patterns, and reclaiming what you desire. You in?! (P.S. Kylie and I dive deeper into these themes in our new book “Liberated Love” now available for pre-order!)


0:00:00 Intro

0:00:37 Dissecting the Pattern of Minimizing Needs

0:01:30 The Paradox of Unavailability in Friendships and Desires

0:09:39 Embracing Authenticity and Setting Boundaries

0:10:24 Reflecting on Standards and Accommodating Behavior

0:11:05 Taking Accountability and Making Conscious Choices

0:11:41 Healing Relationships and Claiming Desires

0:12:49 Liberating Yourself through Self-Authenticity and Integrity

0:13:30 Dive Deeper into Liberated Love with our New Book


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