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Sep 6, 2021

The Cost of Censorship with Africa Brooke

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Cancel Culture, Conflict, Courage, Curiosity, Personal Growth, Self-Sabotage


In this episode, I sit down with globally recognized mindset coach Africa Brooke to talk censorship, collective self-sabotage, and how the success of humanity relies on the understanding that we must be capable of coexisting, which requires healthy, productive engagement with one another instead of forced homogeneity & conformity of thought.

This is one of the most important podcasts you’ll listen to this year.


  • Practicing critical thought & becoming okay with the potential of being wrong
  • Creating an environment where it’s acceptable to experience healthy discomfort
  • The intrinsic power of curiosity and the value of embracing nuance
  • Collective self-sabotage and how “cancel culture” has created an environment where discourse is viewed as an affront