Jan 18, 2022

The Nervous System Explained with Sarah Baldwin

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Attachment Theory, Nervous System Regulation, Polyvagal Theory, Relationships, Trauma


Sarah Baldwin is a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and Trauma Coach trained in Polyvagal interventions and on the training team at the Polyvagal Institute. She specializes in somatic trauma healing; attachment work, inner child work and nervous system regulation and I’m so excited to share her insight with you. In this episode, Sarah breaks down the brilliance of the nervous system so we can move out of dysregulated states and become the active operators of our lives.


  • The incredible protective force within each of us – the Autonomic Nervous System – and how this brilliant system functions to protect us from threat and danger
  • What is happening in the body when stored traumas and/or an insecure attachment style informs the way we show up in the present moment
  • Why a dysregulated nervous system is a primary marker for unhappiness in our lives
  • Tips to self-regulate and move from being in fight/flight/freeze/immobility or shut down
  • Co-regulation and why it’s so important!