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Dec 11, 2020

The Power Of Hard Conversations – Solo Episode

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Community, Compassion, Connection, Covid, Health + Wellness


In the current state of the world there is so much information coming at us, but our opinions and perspectives are not safe to share. They are dividing us and inflicting hatred amongst our peers and within our community. Why are we not able to to recognize that two truths can exist at the same time? Right now, it is more important than ever to be having hard conversations with love, and being open to other peoples perspectives, and meeting them where they are at.

Can you be open to the possibility that what you think right now isn’t true?


  • Covid, censorship, taking sides and gaslighting
  • How to dance in the middle and see both sides
  • When you’re open to the way you see the world, you’re free
  • Observing the liberties you give away
  • Media and highjacking for fear and your attention
  • Trusting yourself and yourself
  • The space between reaction and response is where we have a choice
  • Why we need to stop shaming each other for questioning
  • Holding space for ourselves and each other in middle of information warfare