Jun 13, 2022

Transform Your Relationship Patterns and Come Home to Yourself with Sheleana Aiyana

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Healing, Relationships, Self-Awareness, Self-Love, Trauma


Today I’m joined by my dear friend and founder of Rising Woman, Sheleana Aiyana. In this episode we explore the importance of becoming aware of your patterns in relationship, where they came from and ultimately, how to transcend them to become “the one” you seek. Have you ever felt like people leave you for the exact same reason or that you date the same type of person… Every. Single. Time? These patterns are something that need to be acknowledged if we want to understand ourselves better and call in the healthy relationship we crave – both with ourselves and with another.


Sheleana Aiyana is the founder of Rising Woman, a growing community of more than 3 million readers. Her training and immersion in couples facilitation, inherited family trauma, family systems, conscious relationship, somatic healing, and plant medicines inform her holistic approach to seeing relationships as a spiritual path. More than 30,000 women in 146 countries have taken her flagship program Becoming the One.


  • The effects of media on how we view relationships & how it encourages our addiction to chaos
  • Why we tend to numb our pain & how we can start being aware of it
  • Why we should normalize (and celebrate!) the mundane parts of relationships 


00:00 Intro

01:26 Becoming the One

03:30 Media affecting our views on relationships

07:41 Ignoring old beliefs and working on your own patterns

12:52 Why we numb our pain

21:19 Trusting love again & healing

24:59 How your childhood experiences affects your behavior now

27:38 Awareness of old patterns

32:00 How being vulnerable can inspire others

34:28 How we actually block love from coming our way

37:01 Learning how to love healthily 

41:16 Normalization of boredom in relationships