1st February 2024
#344: Trusting Your Calling and Living It

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This espresso shot solo episode is an excerpt from my recent Masterclass: 2024: Your Breakthrough Year. In this episode, I explore the transformative power of initiations, guided by insights from Francis Weller and James Hillman. I talk about the three parts of initiation: severance from the world you once knew, radical alteration to your sense of identity, and inability to go back to the world you knew. I also discuss the power of community during these personal transformations, the importance of prioritizing our instincts as well as alchemizing our knowledge into action. This episode is an invitation to align our actions and remember that true transformation comes from within. Get the full recording at markgroves.com/2024


0:00:00 Intro

0:00:33 Initiations and its Three Parts

0:01:58 Identity Shift: Embracing the Unknown

0:02:35 A Radical Alteration: Severance from the Familiar World

0:03:12 The Distractions from Self

0:03:50 The Screen Report and Lack of Time for Personal Growth

0:04:19 The Power of Community

0:06:09 Trusting Your Instincts and Ignoring Outside Opinions

0:06:37 Pursuing Your Calling as an Imperative

0:07:26 Being Yourself in Relationships

0:09:25 Finding Inner Strength Again

0:10:24 Where You’re Not Liberated

0:10:41 The Mind’s Limitations in Understanding Reality

0:11:31 Knowledge vs. Action: The Importance of Living in Integrity


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