Jan 11, 2024

#338: When Things Get Tough, Do You Quit?

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ayahuasca, codependency, Fear, Grief, Introspection, Martyrdom, Plant Medicine, Presence, Psychedelics, Reverent Relationship to Plant Medicine, Shamanism, Spirituality, Transformation, Truth


In this episode, I share about my transformative journey with plant medicine in Peru. I explain the physical sensations, the discomfort I felt and how I worked through it, the visions I saw, the reflections I had, and the profound lessons I learned throughout the experience. I share this with you in hopes that some of my reflections will resonate with you. Sending you so much love.


0:00:00 Intro

0:09:44 Preparing and participating in the jungle plant rituals

0:18:59 Physical Sensations and Reflections

0:20:51 Connection to Ayahuasca through Reciprocal Relationship with Land

0:22:46 Feeling the Discomfort

0:24:40 Navigating Dark Entities and Protecting Your Energy

0:25:51 Embracing the Present and the Importance of Integrity

0:27:52 Having Patience with Unresolved Matters in the Heart

0:28:06 Embracing the Mystery of Unanswered Questions

0:30:05 The Importance of Self-Leadership

0:32:14 Stepping into Personal Leadership

0:32:44 Gathering Wisdom

0:34:06 A Commitment Driven by Love for Family

0:34:52 Trusting the Spiritual Realms and Letting Go

0:36:58 Embracing the Unknown and Finding Community


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