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Jul 14, 2021

Why You Run From Love (or Sabotage it) – Dr. Alexandra Solomon

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Accountability, Attachment Styles, Awareness, Marriage, Relationship, Self-Sabotage


Why do we have such a hard time stepping towards love and/or surrendering into it? Why do we sabotage relationships with people who actually want to love us? In this episode, I welcome back one of your favourites, Dr. Alexandra Solomon. She is an absolute relationship wizard and we discuss what gets in the way of love and why. We explore how to navigate the delicate space of relationships and take responsibility for ourselves, and invite our partner to take responsibility for themselves. You’re not going to want to miss this wisdom-packed episode. Buckle up.


  • Why we don’t touch the depth of grief and pain
  • Noticing and exploring patterns are necessary to create shift
  • Why do we hesitate talking about our feelings
  • Name your pain
  • Taking in feedback and healthy shame
  • How to deepen relationships
  • How to move through shutting down
  • Relational is change cemented when…
  • Why acknowledgment is so critical
  • How to love bravely