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Mar 23, 2023

You Were Lied To – Solo Episode

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Accountability, Authenticity, Belonging, Conflict, Covid, Fear, Government, Health, Individualism, Mental Health, Misinformation, News & Media, Politics, Transformation, Truth


In this solo episode, I share my thoughts and grief on what has occurred over these last few years as a result of the pandemic. I believe in having open and honest discourse and avoiding inflammatory language that only pushes us further apart. I want to invite curiosity back into our experiences and encourage us to hold manipulative and dishonest individuals and groups accountable while keeping in mind that love and truth always win in the end! Let’s come together to change this world.


  • Alternative viewpoints on how information as delivered to us during the pandemic
  • The usage of “misinformation” labels, nudge tactics, divisiveness, gaslighting, narcissism, and other abusive tactics
  • Why we must stand up as a village to hold the media and governing bodies accountable and demand truth and change

00:00 Intro 

00:53 Nudge tactics

02:45 Misinformation

03:56 You’re not free to choose if your freedom is at stake

07:22 There wasn’t enough data

10:16 They turned us against each other

13:34 Divisiveness, gaslighting, and narcissism

16:30 The importance of discourse without inflammatory language

21:52 We need to come together to make change


  • Emails referenced – The Virality Project: Twitter Files revealed that the US government and major social media companies worked hand-in-hand with Stanford University to censor or limit true information about Covid-19, suppress “true vaccine side effects” and “true posts which could fuel [vaccine] hesitancy.” The emails and documents were provided to Matt Taibbi by Twitter CEO Elon Musk. The documents, dubbed the “Twitter Files” and retweeted by Musk, were selected from “thousands of internal documents obtained by sources at Twitter.” Matt Taibbi is an award-winning author, journalist, and contributing editor for Rolling Stone. (Sources: New York Post, The Maine Wire, TRT World)
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