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Jam out with Mark Groves as he takes you on a journey to explore the juiciest parts of the human experience and what it’s like to live authentically in the modern world. You’re invited to lay down what you were taught and explore new viewpoints and discoveries in mental and emotional health, physical health and wellness, relationships and the human connection, and hot topics of the world. Open your ears and your eyes to The Mark Groves Podcast.

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Through the vehicle of relationship… yes but really through whatever challenges you are facing. That’s why I explore how we relate to food, our bodies, friends, family, animals, nature, earth, our addictions… and, of course, ourselves. I’m here to explore consciousness, the universe, God, how to create epic health, and how to be the best partner, parent, child, and friend. 

My work is about personal liberation.

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“Lighting the Way.

The deeper you go on the journey of remembering yourself, the more isolating it is. Mark and his guests are beacons along the path, reminders that I am not alone in all of this. I very much appreciate his willingness to be humble and real and share the not so shiny events of his own journey. His show focuses on relationships, but, even though I have chosen singlehood, the information is relevant to those who wish to deepen their relationship with their own self."

“Informative, Inspirational and Transformational...

This podcast will alter your mind, speak to your soul and nourish your heart. With every episode, I become more aware of myself, how I relate to others and how to bring my life into balance. I am so grateful to have found Mark and equally grateful for all the amazing people he finds to help us with our own journey. You will absolutely LOVE this podcast! 🙏🏻❤️✨"

“Fear of commitment episode was fire....

You are amazing. I gain so much knowledge from your podcasts. Thank you."

“Love this guy...

His dating course was so helpful for me. I appreciate his insight and his articulation. I love his solo podcasts and some of his interview type ones."

“Mark Groves is my favorite podcast...

Listening to Mark Groves has gotten me through the biggest transformation of my life, which was after a 10 year relationship ending. At the time, I felt as if my grounding in the world I spent so many years building ripped from under me, like I was shaking and had to start over. His podcasts gave me perspective on finding my identity again, along with other insights to navigating adversity and coming out stronger. Thank you, Mark! 😌 His voice is easy to listen to and I love his overall demeanor. Clear and concise communicator. So much depth and insight in these episodes."

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