13th May 2024
#372: Are You Feeding Division? The Cost of Censoring Yourself with Africa Brooke

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In this episode, I welcome back the amazing Africa Brooke, a consultant, coach, speaker, podcaster and author renowned for her work in overcoming self-sabotage and self-censorship. In this conversation, Africa dives into the concept of "collective sabotage" and why she wrote her book, The Third Perspective, which explores brave expression in a climate of intolerance. We also explore self-sabotage as a basis for societal behaviors and talk about the importance of embracing contradictions and diverse thoughts. Africa and I share our personal journeys and struggles with self-censorship and discuss different ways to navigate societal pressures and evolving dialogues. We also address the impact of cancel culture and the importance of creating avenues for honest curiosity and conversation to exist to lead us to more genuine connections. We advocate for truth-telling, embracing complexity, and challenging entrenched viewpoints as vital components for introspection and navigating collective dynamics with awareness and empathy. Tune in for a candid and open dialogue that encourages us to fully engage in our relationships and reshape our approach to differences. Africa Brooke is the founder and CEO of Africa Brooke International where she provides consulting, coaching, and support to a global audience. She hosts two personal development podcasts, “Beyond the Self” and “Unthinkable Thoughts,” and is a frequent guest on TV shows, podcasts, and radio broadcasts. Her insights have been featured in publications like The Guardian, and she has delivered keynotes at prestigious venues, including Cambridge University.


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