20th June 2024
#383: What’s Life Without Social Media?

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In this episode, I share some reflections on what life has been like since leaving Instagram. I talk about the impact of social media on personal sharing and the trend of oversharing in today’s digital age. I discuss more about my decision to step back from social platforms to cultivate authenticity and connection. I also explore the effects of constant online sharing on presence and relationships as well as the importance of setting boundaries, mindful consumption, and self-awareness in navigating the digital world. Listen in to dive deeper with me as I live into the questions around what both life and business look like outside of social media.


0:00:00 Intro + The Impact of Social Media

0:00:23 Embracing Change and Self-Expression

0:01:40 Stepping into Integrity and Alignment

0:02:45 Reflecting on Personal Experiences

0:03:05 The Habitual Nature of Social Media

0:04:27 Exploring Frenetic Energy and Behavior

0:06:36 The Importance of Being Present

0:09:39 Mindfulness and Life Before Technology

0:10:52 Navigating Technology and Personal Choice

0:12:17 Questioning Social Proof and Success

0:13:17 Balancing Expectations and Authenticity


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