Apr 25, 2022

The Attachment Theory & Nervous System Connection with Sarah Baldwin

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Attachment Theory, Polyvagal Theory, Relationships


I know you’re going to be pumped about today’s guest because her last appearance on the podcast was one of my most listened to episodes ever! Back by popular demand is Sarah Baldwin, a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and Trauma Coach trained in Polyvagal interventions and on the training team at the Polyvagal Institute.

In Sarah’s previous episode, she brilliantly broke down Polyvagal theory (i.e. how the autonomic nervous system works) and briefly touched on the intersection of Polyvagal theory and attachment theory. Today, Sarah’s back to dive deeper into how these two theories work together subconsciously to inform the way we relate to and connect with others.


  • How a lack of a secure attachment with our primary childhood caregivers results in the development of insecure attachment styles in order to cope and find safety
  • How the Autonomic Nervous System works and becomes dysregulated as a brilliant and beautiful way to self protect
  • The relationship between who you choose as a partner as an adult and how you were related to in your childhood experiences
  • Steps to regulate your nervous system and create secure attachment within your adult relationships