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Jul 13, 2020

LeAnn Rimes – Finding Your True Self

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Anxiety, Betrayal, Connection to Self, Divorce, Relationship, Shame


LeAnn Rimes has been in the spotlight since her early childhood. Behind the media representations and projections of her celebrity image, LeAnn has worked hard to find her true self. In this episode, LeAnn shares with us some of her insights from her journey into self-inquiry. Through deep betrayal, depression and judgment, LeAnn began to tap into her repressed pain and anger. While few of us grow up as celebrities, all of us share the common experience of needing to find ourselves and our voices, often in situations where we are not fully supported.


  • When we are in presence, time moves a lot slower
  • LeAnn’s experience in the public eye
  • Why we have to access our “f*ck this”
  • LeAnn’s journey of anxiety, depression, shame and breath work
  • The road back into wholeness
  • Accessing anger and rage
  • “Miracles are a way of reminding us we have no clue” – Ram Dass
  • LeAnn’s new path