Dec 4, 2023

#330: A Relationship Survival Guide for New Parents with Dr. Stan Tatkin

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Attachment Theory, Authenticity, Belonging, Boundaries, Conflict, Mental Health, New Parents, Parenting, Psychology, Relationships, Transformation


In this episode, I welcome back the brilliant Dr. Stan Tatkin to the show. This time, we’re talking about parenting, especially from the lens of being new parents. Dr. Tatkin co-authored the book Baby Bomb, which dives deep into the nuances of new parenting and the effects it has on the couple’s relationship dynamic. Couples are often unprepared for the challenges of parenthood and lack a solid foundation in their relationship. Dr. Tatkin covers topics like disagreements in parenting style, embracing the change in sexual dynamics, and how to master communication and connection. Whether you’ve got a babe on the way, are a new parent, or are interested in learning how to parent better – this episode is a MUST listen!

Dr. Stan Tatkin, PsyD, MFT is a clinician, researcher, and developer of the Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy® (PACT). He is the best-selling author of In Each Other’s Care (4/25), along with the relationship must-have book, Wired for Love. Dr. Tatkin speaks and teaches around the world on how to understand, create and sustain secure-functioning relationships. He helps couples create healthy attachments and secure-functioning relationships based on fairness, justice, and sensitivity. In addition to his robust clinical practice in Calabasas, California, Dr. Tatkin and Tracey lead couples through Wired For Love Couple Retreats — both online and in person across the United States and Europe. 


0:00:00 Intro

0:10:57 Co-regulating Practices for Improved Communication and Connection

0:14:16 Challenges in Modern Times: Distractions, Isolation, and Lack of Support

0:16:41 Fighting for Two Winners: The Concept of Win-Win in Relationships

0:19:07 Navigating Disagreements in Parenting Styles

0:21:12 Parenting: Collaborative and ever-evolving

0:23:11 Taking charge of parenting, creating something entirely different

0:27:00 Understanding intimacy and embracing change in sexual dynamics

0:29:02 Growing up, accepting losses, and deepening intimacy in relationships

0:30:57 Embracing the opportunity to become a better couple through parenting

0:33:25 Profound Insights on Communication Struggles and Self-awareness

0:35:23 The Humaneness of Communication: An Opportunity for Growth


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