Nov 30, 2023

#329: Why Humans Fear Making Decisions

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Authenticity, ayahuasca, challenge, Change, decision-making, embracing fear, Fear, Intuition, Personal Growth, Plant Medicine, Resistance, right choice, Transformation, transformative experiences, Trust, wrong choice


In this episode, I dive into the art of decision-making. I explore the idea of peaceful fear and how it can guide our decision-making, challenge the notion that fear always means we’re making the wrong choice, and speak to the resistance we feel when making decisions. Embracing fear and resistance leads to transformative experiences. Let’s face our own versions of the jungle in life and live fully.


0:00:00 Intro

0:00:47 Making difficult decisions and facing fear

0:02:20 Embracing the unknown and the outcomes of decisions made

0:08:45 Fear as a guide to the “right” decision

0:09:40 Moving towards peace beyond fear

0:09:50 Embracing fear and trusting your soul’s path

0:11:15 Embracing intuition and letting go of pretense

0:14:01 Breaking free from struggle mentality

0:14:48 Seeking “peaceful fear” and resistance


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