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May 16, 2024

#373: Navigating Indecision: How to Find Clarity Amidst Chaos

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Authenticity, Belonging, Boundaries, Breathwork, Challenges, Conflict, decision-making, Empowerment, Indecision, Intuition, Mental Health, Relationships, Self-Love, Self-Sabotage, Self-Trust, Self-Worth, Transformation, Validation


In this episode, I explore the challenges we encounter in decision-making and our tendency to seek external validation. We talk about the concept of the externalization of authority, indecision as a form of self-sabotage, and the role our nervous system plays in our relationship to our intuition. We also discuss the importance of making choices aligned with personal values and needs, overcoming the fear of being perceived as selfish, and how to connect with our inner voice to transition from anxiety & indecision to clarity & empowerment. Tune in to learn how to release tension, enhance your decision-making process, reclaim agency and live authentically.


0:00:00 Intro + Trusting Your Intuition

0:00:49 Indecision as Self-Sabotage

0:01:27 Nervous System Freeze

0:02:11 Prioritizing Yourself

0:02:37 Identifying Your Values

0:03:03 Accessing Your Voice


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