Mar 11, 2019

Are You Real at Work? with Matt Corker

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Authenticity, Communication, Connection, Relationship, Work Life


Matt Corker is a CEO, MBA and ’a magician of human experience’, this week he joins me to discuss all things leadership and business. We discuss Matt’s latest venture The Corker Co, and how he is crushing it in the business world, not only by connecting with people but also by connecting people to each other. There are so many synergies between how we communicate and manage relationships at work and with how we communicate and manage relationships at home – but too often we see them as separate worlds.

We jam on the difference between being authentic and putting on roles for different contexts. How real are you at work and how is it impacting yourself and those you love?


  • People don’t quit their job they quit their manager, is this true?
  • Fulfilment and work, being an entrepreneur vs employee, what’s the difference?
  • Authenticity and the roles we play, how to we manage different relationships in different environments.
  • Being real and communicating at work vs at home.
  • Energy and motivation at work, how the time of day can affect how we behave.
  • Toxic bosses, harmful management tactics and where do these stem come from?
  • Formal company values, vision and mission vs the dynamic and culture in informal conversations.
  • Talking about relationships, sexual relationships and sexual harassment at work.
  • Working in “the office” and how our work space setups affect us.
  • What is transformational really? Is it a buzzword or something more?