Jan 18, 2021

Ashley Stahl – Designing Your Dream Career

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Career, Connection, Entrepreneurship, Finding Purpose, Workplace


This week I’m super excited to introduce you to the incredible Ashley Stahl. After working careers in national security and counterterrorism, Ashley came to the realization that she wasn’t living her full purpose in the workforce. After diving in and uncovering her own natural talents, Ashley set-forth in her new career path as a career coach. Today, Ashley helps hundreds of people uncover their core skill sets and true calling – enabling them to find a career that aligns with their dreams and purpose.

In this episode, Ashley uncovers what this process truly looks like, and why staying in a job that isn’t aligned could be preventing you from living a very happy and fulfilling life.


  • One of the biggest mistakes in the workplace is holding on to an old version of yourself in your career
  • The new generation vs the old generation in the workplace
  • When we don’t have clarity it’s a call to reconnect to ourselves
  • You can’t get to right until you sit in wrong
  • Why we need to focus on core skill set, personality, and when we at our best
  • The clarity behind interest vs. passion and dedication
  • Why failing fast is the motto to live by
  • Does your work give you energy or drain you?


  • Find Ashley’s book at www.youturnbook.com, and find more about Ashley on her website or on Instagram.