21st December 2020
Annika McDade – Human And Canine Connection

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This week I have a unique treat for you. After getting my dog Carl last April, I went on the search for a Dog Trainer and ended up meeting the incredible Annika McDade. Annika is a triple certified Professional Dog Trainer & Behaviour Consultant, who focuses primarily on the connection between dogs and their people. After working with Annika I was most compelled by her ability to relate canine training to human connection and relationship.

In this episode we dive into dog training and connecting with our pets, and how it’s correlated to our ability to connect and relate with humans.


  • The little things we never knew about our pets
  • The connection between parenting, partners and puppies
  • Expectations and behaviors with our pets
  • The ripple effect of our nervous system
  • The biggest mistakes we make
  • Incredible helpful things you need to know about animals


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