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Apr 13, 2020

Claim Your Voice – Solo Episode

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Communication, Connection, Courage, Relationship, Speaking Your Truth


When we are facing disconnection in our relationships, we often perceive major barriers blocking us from communicating. Often, we preempt the other person’s negative response. We assume the other person is unable or unwilling to hear us, and as a result, we become defensive, withdrawn or over-express ourselves. What if instead, we trusted that other people have the capacity to really listen? What if we communicated our needs without preempting their response? What if we claimed our voice and used it regardless of anyone else’s ability to show up. What if we showed up for ourselves first?


  • How to know when you have unhealthy programs running
  • What beliefs are still lingering that keep you in your old story?
  • What is the most important quality in relationship?
  • Why we need to stop subcontracting our healing
  • The victory is always in the process not the outcome
  • Speaking your truth, having courage, and being everything you want