Aug 7, 2023

Creating a Self-Loving and Liberated Life with Sarah Sapora

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Aging, Awakening, Body Liberation, Boundaries, Grief, Personal Development, Relationships, Self-Love, Social Media, Transformation, Truth


Today I welcome Sarah Sapora to the show! Sarah is a writer, inspirational speaker, social media community leader, and the creator of size-inclusive live events and retreats. Sarah uses her voice to make personal growth accessible to plus-size women over 40. Leading with radical vulnerability, heart, and colorful humor, Sarah has helped hundreds of thousands of women learn to navigate the sticky place between self-acceptance and self-improvement. 

Sarah shares about her messy journey to self-love, which she defines “any thought you think or action you take that gets you closer to your Ultimate You.” She talks about how she had to forgive herself for past behaviors and choices, let go of shame and self-judgment, and really look at her own sh*t in the eye to get brave enough to hold herself accountable to change. In her new book Soul Archeology, she shares a practical map of how to get un-stuck and stop self-abandoning so you can get closer to the real you—one small change at a time.


  • Sarah’s journey to self-love and her experiences with body image, relationships, and how she found a way to surrender to the messy, uncomfortable aspects of life
  • The correlation between body liberation and greater liberation
  • How familiarity with old habits and identities can create resistance to transformation
  • The challenges women face in a society that devalues and vilifies aging

00:00 Intro 

04:35 The misconception about self-love

08:04 Breaking free from toxic relationships

14:46 Forgiving yourself

21:01 Resistance to transformation

25:02 Unmasking your true self

29:24 Surrendering

39:18 Soul Archaeology

45:10 The easy path is actually the hard path

47:24 How social media stole our attention span

52:52 Aging and the social value of women


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