Nov 9, 2020

Damona Hoffman – Dating Is A Learned Skill

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Authenticity, Communication, Emotional Awareness, Online Dating, Relationship


This week I am so excited to have on the incredible Damona Hoffman to chat about all things dating! Damona is a dating coach & TV personality who starred in the A+E Networks’ series #BlackLove and A Question of Love.  She’s a contributor for CNN Headline News (HLN),, The Washington Post, LA Times, Match dating app and more.

In this episode we dive into dating apps, intentional dating, and dating within integrity. Damona gives us tips on what should be on your dating profile,  what shouldn’t, and some examples of red flags and green flags to look out for while you’re swiping. The dating world has shifted so much and Damona challenges us to question the beliefs and stigmas we’ve been taught, and the restrictions we place on what we want in a partner. This one is fire!!


  • Dating is an amazing healing opportunity
  • Why dating apps work great and why they don’t
  • Dating app #fails
  • The three C’s you need on your dating app
  • Why we have to assess our belief systems and upper limits in dating
  • Is your past part of your story or part of your narrative?
  • Miracles happen when we choose to be uncomfortable
  • Dating during Covid
  • Why skipping steps will implode your dating life
  • Holding the bar for yourself vs. the “fine” approach