Jul 27, 2020

Dr. Laura McNally – Why Do Men Follow Instagram Models?

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Dating, Marriage, Men, Pornography, Relationship, Sexuality


One of the most popular videos I’ve ever recorded was ‘why do men follow Instagram models?’ So I wanted to dive deeper into a topic that is so complex and often controversial. This week I introduce my good friend Dr. Laura McNally who is a psychologist that has been writing on this topic for some years. We discuss the entire life cycle — how children are socialized and shaped by their environments, how this impacts young adults and their ideas about beauty and sex, how sexual arousal changes the way we think and how monitoring our body image shifts our cognitive function. Why is it that sex and porn addiction most often impact men, while body image and eating disorders almost exclusively impact women? It turns out this isn’t a coincidence. Importantly, this is not a discussion that aims to tell anyone what they should or shouldn’t do with their Instagram or social media, it is an exploration of the research that will hopefully leave you feeling better informed about what works for you.


  • You can’t change anything you don’t take responsibility for
  • The root of the problem
  • Porn, triggers and responses
  • Dissecting the questions that come up around IG models
  • Where does it all start?
  • Growing up on the apps and the issues they create for children
  • Anti-sex vs. anti-women
  • Sexuality and religion
  • How we cheat ourselves out of connection
  • How we buy into “you’ll never be hot enough”