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Aug 3, 2020

All About Mark Groves – Special Episode

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Community, Connection, Expansion, Heartbreak, Self-Discovery


This is our 100th episode together, so to celebrate this special episode I want to offer my gratitude and more insights about myself. Hosting this podcast has been such a learning journey. I have been able to witness myself soften, open and grow throughout these episodes. My solo episodes are always met with so much grace from you all, so I want to humbly thank you all for witnessing my evolution and allowing me the space to do this. I look forward to what the next 100 episodes will bring us.


  • A very special 100th episode!
  • What Mark has learned in 100 podcasts
  • Heartbreak is the gateway and the lessons are in the pain
  • Why we repeat our patterns
  • What is abandoning me?
  • The beautiful invitations inside expansion
  • Falling in love vs. being in love vs. rising in love
  • How we change the world within ourselves
  • What would it feel like to welcome all the parts of you