Jan 6, 2020

Emma Tait – Learning To Let Go.

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Connection, Grief, Loss, Surrender


When I was asked to speak on grief, I knew immediately Emma Tait would be the ideal guest for this show. Emma Tait is the driving force behind much of Create The Love, she not only keeps our team together but so much of my life too. Emma walks us through the essentially undefinable path of grief. In her gentle but clear way, she shows us how the answer is found in accepting there is no answer, that sometimes the only way to make sense of life is to see there is no making sense. Emma shares her personal story of loss and how much she has learned to surrender to grief and pain, and in doing so, letting it move through – allowing it to come and go – rather than becoming stuck in the storyline. If you are trying to make sense of any kind of grief this episode is full of lessons for you.


  • The parts that we want to reject are the wisest, teach us the most and expand us the most
  • The heaviness of grief and how to navigate through it
  • Why grief wakes us up to feeling alive and deep pain creates gratitude
  • Why we’ve been socialized to think grief is bad
  • The beauty of loss, time and gentleness
  • Sometimes it just doesn’t make sense, and that’s ok
  • Give yourself permission to find joy again
  • A different way to see death


  • Find Emma on Instagram here!
  • Read Emma’s article on grief here.
  • Emma Tait is a writer, soul guide, woodsman, dog mom, and soon to be human mom – to name a few. Emma’s life’s work is to empower others to meet, know, love, and walk with their whole selves through all of life’s ebbs and flows. She believes the way forward is for each of us to come back to ourselves through mastering our emotional, physical, and spiritual wisdom. She guides others through her writing, 1:1 coaching, and speaking as they begin the inward journey of embodying the courage to show up and be seen, a journey which always begins within. Connect with her on Instagram.