Aug 25, 2022

Reclaim Your Self-Worth, Change Your Life with Sophie Dear

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Anxiety, Boundaries, Emotional Awareness, Self-Esteem, Self-Worth


In 2015, having worked in the world of TV for eight years, Sophie Dear was signed off work due to anxiety and insomnia. Feeling pretty broken, she retrained as a yoga teacher and started a journey of inner work. Then, very suddenly at the end of 2019, Sophie’s 10 year relationship and marriage broke down. She jumped on a plane to Bali in March 2020 with a plan to work out what she truly wanted.

After stumbling across my work on Instagram, she took my Become a Boundaries Badass and Crushing Codependency courses, both of which had a huge impact on her relationships and self-worth. Sophie now works as a self-worth empowerment coach and is very much enjoying her best life. As she explains in this episode, re-discovering her self-worth has been her biggest journey and I’m honored to have played a part in it!


  • Tangible tips for building self-worth
  • How having boundaries will change your life in the best way
  • Having compassion for your old patterns and survival strategies

00:00 Intro

01:21 Sophie’s story

05:25 Allopathic medicine being symptom oriented

08:32 Effects of being unkind to yourself

10:30 Yoga and self-worth

17:03 Seeking your true self

18:26 Feeling seen for the first time

21:32 Growing up with a sick parent

23:41 When you become what you’ve been seeking

25:07 Every feeling you feel is valid

27:02 Boundaries and codependency

31:26 Survival strategies as superpowers

33:11 Having space for difficult and vulnerable conversations

38:42 Focusing on expansion rather than your limitations

39:27 Change starts when you start seeing your self-worth

42:48 We are wired to survive, not for happiness

46:04 Rituals for self-worth