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Jan 3, 2022

Falling in Love Again with Diana Davis Dyer

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Awareness, Breakups, Relationships, Self-Worth, Transformation


Today’s guest slid into my DM’s with a story of transformation so inspiring that I had to have her on to share her experience.

Right before the pandemic, Diana Davis Dyer left her nine year relationship with her fiancé. With plans to be married in May 2020, she felt they were both individually functioning in darkness and that a “forever” like that was terrifying. Having never sat down to decide what kind of future and family she wanted, Diana felt so unsure of who she was and where she was going that a commitment so concrete scared her and prompted a life-changing decision to leave her relationship.

After moving out and living with a friend for six months, Diana discovered my work and completed my seven day Relationship Starter Course (formerly Relationships 101) and in Diana’s words, “It changed me. It let me RE-WRITE and RE-CREATE my narrative. In those days and the days after, I returned to love. And on his own, my partner did too. We came back together (with lots of work that is never-ending), got married in January 2021, and our love now is stronger, way more fun, deeper and brighter. While an immense bout of heartbreak and pain was inflicted on both of us during those 6 months, what came out of it was worth it. I wouldn’t change leaving for a heartbeat, because it wouldn’t have lead to this amazing love we now have.”

If you’ve struggled with a similar situation, aren’t sure what you deserve or haven’t sat down and thought about the love and the life you want, this episode is for you. I love for people to hear other’s stories of growth so we can see not only what’s possible for ourselves, but how to get there. I hope this episode plants a seed of hope or possibility and inspires you to keep going down the path of becoming all of who you are.


  • Why Diana called off her engagement and the inner work she did to facilitate a reunion with her partner
  • How to trust yourself, your innate wisdom and your journey
  • The power of honouring your heart, choosing yourself and the self-worth that follows
  • How painful experiences are necessary on our path to growth
  • The importance of uncovering the narratives that run our lives to understand why we are the way we are and why we choose what we choose