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Dec 27, 2021

Respond to the Call with Mary Shenouda

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Health, Nutrition, Relationships, The Microbiome


Mary Shenouda is a highly sought-after performance chef and specialist with clients including both professional athletes and Hollywood entertainers. Shenouda is also the creator and founder of Phat Fudge, a high-performance food line of her own formulation.

After almost two decades suffering from debilitating “mystery” illnesses that doctors seemed unable to explain and prescription drugs failed to solve, Mary took matters into her own hands. Devoting years of dogged, personal research into the foods she was putting into her body, Shenouda decided to change the way she ate and was able to reverse her condition within months. This new lease on life would lead her to abandon a career in tech and start a performance-focused, private chef and consulting practice. Working with a team of nutritionists, doctors, physical therapists, and performance technologies, Mary is able to identify and curate the specific nutritional needs, for a diverse roster of high-performing clients.

Having done her Gut Reset program three times myself, I wanted to have Mary on the show to discuss the gut, human performance and the link between nutrition and good relationships. How does the food we feed our body affect emotional regulation and our overall wellbeing? Join me as we explore the mind-gut connection and how to embrace your health goals in a compassionate way.


  • How your relationships influence your GI health
  • An approach to health and wellness based on self-compassion
  • Mary’s gut reset protocol to promote lower inflammation, better sleep and improved digestion
  • How Mary healed her coeliac disease through food and lifestyle changes
  • The series of events that led to Mary leaving the corporate world and becoming a private chef