Feb 28, 2022

Free Your Mind & Liberate Your Soul with Peter Crone

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Ego, Identity, Liberation, Limiting Beliefs, Personal Growth, Self-Worth, The Subconscious Mind


This week I’m thrilled to have Peter Crone, AKA the Mind Architect, join me on the podcast for mind-blowing episode. Peter works with everyone from world-class athletes to stay-at-home parents to redesign the subconscious mind. We exist within limiting mental constructs that dictate our thoughts, feelings, actions, and the results we experience, and Peter helps people and groups step outside of the world as they know it by identifying mental constructs that have been holding them back. Peter’s work explores the fundamental issues that affect us all to foster a deeper understanding of our common humanity. Peter is a writer, speaker, and thought leader in human awakening and potential.


  • Why we repeatedly subscribe to limiting beliefs
  • How to recognize where you’re holding yourself back
  • Peter’s number one tip for accessing more joy and liberation
  • A helpful mantra to reconcile your past and let that shit go!