15th February 2024
#348: Free Yourself from Codependency to Experience Liberated Love with Kylie McBeath

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In this special Valentine’s episode, I welcome back my wonderful wife, Kylie McBeath. Together we dive into the conversation of codependency and the role shame plays in relationships. We discuss our own journey and share insights on healing, integrating, and growing both in- and outside of relationship. We also introduce our new book, Liberated Love, which explores breaking free from codependent patterns and creating relational environments that celebrate mutual strength and liberation. Tune in to learn how to understand and heal codependent patterns and invitation to pre-order our book to dive even deeper in this transformative journey.

Kylie McBeath is a Certified Health Coach, Author, Co-Founder of Zura Health, Podcast Host, Ceremonialist, and Writer. Her mission is to offer work in this world that invites us all to return to our hearts, slow down, soften, and remember the beautiful world that lives within and around us.


0:00:00 Introducing Kylie as the Special Guest

0:02:44 Reflecting on our Unconventional Wedding Ceremony

0:05:40 Marriage as a Step Towards Sacred Union

0:08:08 Exploring the Possibilities of Commitment and Sacredness

0:08:24 Reflecting on the Journey and Breakup

0:09:46 Sacred Pause: The Space Between Relationships

0:12:45 Embracing the Journey of Relationships

0:13:16 Honoring the Tough Experiences and Integrating the Lessons

0:15:27 Returning to Openness and Resensitizing What Was Desensitized

0:18:42 The Power of Creating Together

0:20:29 Ending Old Patterns and Finding a New Path

0:21:21 The Journey of Love and Letting Go

0:23:08 The Canary in the Coal Mine: Recognizing the Wisdom to Leave

0:25:10 Sacred Work: Healing Generational Patterns of Codependency

0:32:31 The Concept of Taking Up Space in Relationships

0:32:53 The Invisible Barriers and Relational Ruptures

0:35:11 Belonging and Finding Support Even in Rupture and Ending

0:38:23 The Journey of Writing a Book and Preparing for Parenthood


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