Feb 12, 2024

#347: The Power of Collective Healing & Where to Even Begin with Thomas Hübl

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Ancestors, Attunement, Authenticity, Belonging, Boundaries, Collective, Conflict, Emotional Health, Grief, Healing, Interdependence, Intergenerational, Mental Health, Nervous System Health, Relationships, Self-Love, Self-Worth, Spirituality, Transformation, Trauma


In this episode, I talk with Thomas Hübl, a renowned teacher, author, and international facilitator. We explore healing collective trauma and the importance of developing attunement in relationships. Thomas shares insights on trauma’s impact on our nervous systems and the intergenerational transmission of trauma. We also discuss the broader implications of trauma for humanity and the planet and the need for deeper healing and interdependence. Join us on this deep dive to discover more about the far-reaching impact of trauma and the tangible steps we can collectively take towards integration, embodiment, and healing.


Thomas Hübl, PhD, works within the complexity of systems and cultural change, integrating the core insights of the great wisdom traditions and mysticism with the discoveries of science. He is the author of Attuned: Practicing Interdependence to Heal Our Trauma—and Our World and Healing Collective Trauma: A Process for Integrating Our Intergenerational and Cultural Wounds.


0:00:00 Intro

0:00:47 Discussion on Mysticism and Science

0:05:10 Transition from Paramedic to a Meditation Deep Dive

0:09:50 Understanding the Dance of Attunement

0:15:14 How Disconnection From Self Hinders Connection with Others

0:19:06 Curiosity and Self-Contact as Keys to Uncovering Filters

0:22:54 Depathologizing Wounds and Integrating Past Experiences

0:24:11 Devaluing Emotions: Rational vs. Emotional Response

0:25:23 Co-Regulation and Decreasing Fear Levels

0:27:25 Fear as an Isolated Emotion

0:31:01 Recognizing Intergenerational Trauma and its Impact

0:34:54 Finding Relief in the Power of a Single Brick

0:38:10 Disembodied Relating and the Impact of Social Media Communication

0:41:30 Disembodiment, Toxic Dynamics, and the Need for Attunement

0:46:02 Losing Touch with Specificity on Social Media and its Consequences

0:48:13 Sensational News Feeds: Detrimental to Public Health

0:51:28 The Journey to Maturity: Being with Self and Others without Othering

0:53:09 Shifting Perspectives: From Pain to Generosity

0:56:14 Moving Beyond Hyper-Individualization: The Power of Interdependence

1:03:36 Complexity of Ancestors and Trauma

1:07:15 The Spiritual Dimension: Transcendence and Bigger Context

1:11:23 The Beauty of Being Present: A Self-Healing Mechanism




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